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Attention DIY’ers – Kildonan Tree Service is here to help.

Amatuer arborist relief is available for Winnipeggers. We love the smell of fresh cut wood, and we know you do too; but if you don’t have all the tools you need, you might end up in trouble.

This is where we step in. We’re happy to offer a selection of rental option that will help you get your yard in shape.

Cable Bracing

Cable Bracing is a great way to reduce strain and damage on trees, especially in areas of weak limbs or stems. It involves installing steel cables between two or more limbs/stems on the tree to limit movement so they are less likely to fail during high winds and storms. Metal rods can also be inserted when a tree splits in order to prevent further damage.

Aerial Devices

Whether you’re looking to get to that hard-to-reach spot hanging Christmas lights, or to change/fix a sign, we’re here to help. We offer hourly rental, complete with a trained operator.

Bandit Chippers

We’re proud to offer truck and wood chipper rentals, with two trained operators, to help clean up previously cut branches or debris after a storm.

To inquire about tree equipment rentals in Winnipeg, call us at (204) 233-9337.

Cable Bracing
Cable bracing is one of the many tree services in Winnipeg available from Kildonan Tree service.
Cable Bracing

In order to keep your trees healthy and happy, cable bracing may be required to reduce strain and damage on your trees. Kildonan Tree Service’s certified arborists install steel cables between two or more of a tree’s limbs, which helps relieve tension. If your tree has split, a metal rod may also be inserted to prevent further damage.

Bandit Chippers
Fertilization is part of the tree service in Winnipeg offered by Kildonan Tree Service.
Bandit Chippers

Need to rent a truck or a chipper? Kildonan Tree Service offers rental services for both, with two trained operators. Chippers can be used to help clean up previously cut branches or debris caused by storms. IF you’ve had trees fall down in a storm we also offer stump grinding and removal by professional tree care experts.

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