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Beautification is not the only reason for tree pruning and tree trimming, since the health of your trees is dependent on your care as well.

Trees weighed down by heavy branches with excessive growth are prone to breakage, leading to health issues. This is why tree maintenance is so important. Excessive damage that threatens your property may lead to tree removal, which is the worst case scenario.

Professional Tree Trimming

Call a Kildonan Tree Service arborist to examine your trees. Our UTT-certified staff will examine your trees and recommend the best service options. This includes tree trimming and pruning, fertilization, and other treatments.

While you may believe you can do the work yourself, an expert can provide the best care possible. High-quality tree trimming by our trained arborists can have the following advantages:

  • Ensures the longevity of your trees
  • Enhances the aesthetic appearance of your trees
  • Maintaining trees will prolong lifespan by removing dead, dying, diseased, or infested limbs and branches

Our staff will prune your tree for natural appearance, remove obstructing or nuisance limbs, prune away from power lines, or any other reason that requires our attention.

Elm tree pruning

Due to the severity of Dutch elm disease, Manitoba residents are prohibited from pruning elm trees between April 1 and July 31, every year. Kildonan Tree Service can assist with elm tree care, offering pruning and trimming services between August 1 and March 31.

For inquiries regarding tree pruning services and tree pruning costs, fill out our Request A Quote form or call us directly at (204) 233-9337.

Tree Pruning
Tree pruning from Kildonan Tree Service. Book your service now to avoid the rush!
Tree Pruning

Our tree pruning and trimming service is for both aesthetic and maintenance purposes. Our trained and certified arborists provide high-quality services, removing dead or dying limbs, as well as disease- and insect-infested branches. We also safely remove branches near powerlines.

Tree Pruning
Tree pruning in Winnipeg is available from the experts at Kildonan Tree Service.
Tree Pruning

Here you can see our trained arborist providing pruning services, employing the latest tools and safety measures to ensure the safe removal of various branches and limbs, helping to prolong the life of the tree. Our dedicated tree care experts are skilled in all manner of tree maintenance.

Tree Pruning - copy
Tree pruning is a dangerous job. Leave it to the experts at Kildonan Tree Service.
Tree Pruning

Branches near powerlines should only ever be removed by trained professionals like Kildonan Tree Service’s certified arborists. We’re professional tree care experts, able to assist you with all of your pruning, trimming, and removal needs.

Tree Pruning - copy - copy
Tree pruning is a dangerous job. Leave it to the experts at Kildonan Tree Service.
Tree Pruning

No matter the type of tree, Kildonan Tree Service can assist with all types of pruning and trimming. Our tree care experts service Manitoba using the most stringent safety practices to make sure your trimming or pruning is done properly, while keeping our arborists safe.

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Don't DIY - call the experts at Kildonan Tree Service for tree pruning in Winnipeg.
Tree Pruning

Whether your tree just needs to be freshened up or it’s filled with diseased or dying branches, a Kildonan Tree Service arborist can help you trim and prune your problems away. We also perform tree removal and stump grinding and removal.

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