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Blog // The Benefits of Fertilizing

The Benefits of Fertilizing

All types of plants and trees benefit from fertilizer. No matter what you choose to use, it’s important to feed your trees with this nutrient-rich food that benefits growing and mature trees. Particularly in Manitoba, soil nutrition is poor, meaning plants can’t get everything they need from the ground; it’s important to supplement that with fertilizer.

Help young trees thrive

When you fertilize young trees, they’ll soak up the macronutrients within the fertilizer, aiding them in their growth and setting them up for a luscious, dense bloom of leaves as they grow bigger and taller. However, it’s crucial that you not fertilize trees within the first few years of planting them; their root ball contains a plethora of nutrients and they’re able to absorb what they need from the surrounding soil.

Create healthier root systems

When your trees are fed with fertilizer, their roots will take in the nutrients that contribute to more lush foliage, will strengthen the roots themselves, and ultimately lead to a healthier, stronger tree.

Give your tree a fighting chance

When your tree is given fertilizer and its roots are strengthened, the tree itself becomes healthier. In turn, the tree is more likely to fight off diseases, pests, and will heal quicker (which is a good thing when it comes to Winnipeg winters – read about the type of damage trees can take during the cold months).

Using organic fertilizer

Now that we’ve established that fertilizer is an integral part of growing and maintaining your trees, it’s important to discuss the benefits of organic fertilizer. While results can be slow with organic fertilizer, ultimately it will benefit your trees (and soil) in the long run by fostering a sustainable ecosystem and allowing them to slowly absorb all of the nutrients they need.

While synthetic fertilizer is faster acting and can be easier to handle, it’s very possible (and easy) to overapply it, which could lead to damaged roots via salt build-up and poor absorption of the nutrients by the roots.

Treat your trees

The best thing you can do for your trees is to ensure they get the nutrient-rich fertilizer they need. At Kildonan Tree Service,  we offer treatment services and can provide the best fertilizer for your trees. Spring is a great time to fertilize, so give us a call today and we’ll ensure your trees remain healthy!

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