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Risks of Ignoring Tree Care and Maintenance

The trees on and around your property are so much more than shade-providing flora that’s been a part of Winnipeg’s green canopy for decades. They also provide homes for numerous species of animals, help with drainage during heavy rains, and produce oxygen.

The point is that we need trees, and they need us to care for them. Here’s what’s at risk without regular Winnipeg tree maintenance.

Safety hazards

First and foremost, trees that aren’t properly maintained can lead to any of myriad safety hazards. These mainly come in the form of falling branches, protruding roots, and even felled trees.

Your trees should be trimmed and pruned by a professional so that dead branches and debris can be dealt with before they fall on passersby or you and your family.

Protruding roots can also cause tripping hazards and damage pavement, which can be hazardous to anyone simply walking by your home.

Only trust a professional to deal with your tree’s root system, since improper care can lead to a tree’s death.

Property damage

Ignoring your trees’ maintenance needs can very easily lead to property damage if you’re not keeping close tabs on low-hanging or dead branches, cracked or broken limbs, or roots.

In heavy rain or snowstorms, these branches can become weighed down, making them more likely to fall unexpectedly. If you have larger, older trees towering over your home, that instantly puts your roof at risk.

Limbs can also fall on vehicles, auxiliary buildings (like garages or carports), decks, and can even gouge your lawn. Large roots can also pose a problem, finding their way into your home’s sewages system, uprooting your patio, or damaging your foundation.

In the event that an entire tree falls on your home, you may be in for a large insurance claim or paying out tens of thousands of dollars for repairs.

Regularly monitor your trees, and ensure that risky trees are completely removed by a professional arborist. This will ensure total removal and alleviate any issues posed by the root system.

Insect infestation

What may seem like a minor bug problem can quickly turn into a life-or-death situation for the trees on your property. Boring insects, leaf-eating caterpillars, termites, and many more insects can pose a serious risk to your trees if left unchecked.

Certain caterpillars can completely defoliate a well-established tree in a matter of weeks. Boring insects and termites can eat a tree from the inside out.

If you notice a high number of insects crawling under a tree’s bark, or you notice heavy defoliation, have the tree treated by an expert who uses the correct insecticides in order to mitigate infestation while keeping you and your family safe.

In many cases, natural insecticides provide a safe way to get rid of the bug problem without putting your health in danger.


Trees are susceptible to numerous diseases that can cause defoliation, decay, and, ultimately, death. To avoid this, regularly check your trees for abnormalities.

Are they losing their leaves when they shouldn’t be? Are leaves just not growing at all? Other signs of tree disease include black branches, discoloured or brittle bark, many dead branches, fungi, or a noticeable lean.

You can also check if a tree is dying by using the “scratch test,” which involves scratching into the bark or a branch using your fingernail or a knife.

A healthy tree should show a green layer underneath, while a dead or dying tree will be brown and dry. While a green layer doesn’t mean the tree is free of disease, it could mean that you still have a chance to save the tree.

Ask a professional certified arborist

If you’re unsure of your trees’ maintenance needs, then reach out to a local arborist like Kildonan Tree Service. We know Manitoba trees, and we’ll be able to provide you with a customized care plan for any maintenance issues.

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