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Fall Tree Care Tips

Fall is a time of year where the temperature drops, the wind gets cooler, and we eagerly (or with bated breath) anticipate the return of snow and the winter season. While we may be well-equipped to deal with the harsh weather and precipitation, our trees don’t have the same defences.

We can, however, keep our trees healthy and thriving throughout the fall and winter seasons by taking proper care of them in the right seasons. When we take simple steps to set our trees up for success and comfort through fall and winter, we can be assured that they will come out unscathed in the springtime.

Below, read our tips on keeping your trees protected and healthy throughout the cooler months ahead.

Insulate your trees
Using organic mulch, add a 2–3-inch layer of protection to the soil around your trees. This will help retain water, decreasing moisture loss within the soil and keeping nutrients packed in. This layer of insulation will also regulate soil temperature (even when the snow falls) and keep tree roots healthy.

Be sure to keep the mulch a few inches away from the base of the tree trunk. If your mulch is spread right up to the tree trunk, make it a very thin layer and don’t pile it on high in that area. This can draw termites, fungi, and begin to decay and rot the bark. While it’s great for the tree’s underground roots, it isn’t good for the base of the trunk.

Prune them regularly
Pruning your trees and shrubs regularly will keep them healthy and safe. Dead branches can become a hazard in windy settings or when heavy snow falls. Keeping your trees pruned will keep you, your property, and others safe and free from falling branches.

The benefits of pruning also extend to the aesthetics of your tree – if you’re finding that it’s growing in an unsightly way or you need to re-balance the limbs because they’re growing a little lopsided, pruning will help with all of that.

In fact, pruning while there are little to no leaves on the branches can be helpful as you can get a clearer picture of which part of the tree needs to be tended to. If you’re not comfortable doing this yourself, the experts at Kildonan Tree Service are here to help. Contact us today.

Provide plenty of water
Just because the seasons have changed, doesn’t mean that you should neglect watering your trees. While they won’t need quite as much water as in the hotter months, it’s important to keep an eye on the dryness of the soil. In particular, providing a good drink of water before the ground freezes and winter hits can help keep your trees thriving throughout the colder months.

Prepare them for the winter
With a short autumn season and not much time to prepare before snow begins hitting the ground, it’s important to make sure that your trees are prepared for the cold months and heavy snow that will blanket them for the next few months. Check out our tips on protecting your trees and shrubs in the winter.

Lastly, don’t forget about your friendly, local expert arborists at Kildonan Tree Service. We have the experience and knowledge to help with any trees on your property and can help with whatever you need. Contact us today and see how we can prepare your trees for fall and winter.

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