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A Day in the Life of a Certified Winnipeg Arborist

You may have heard the term “arborist” and know that it’s an occupation relating to trees, but have ever wondered about what exactly it is that an arborist does all day?

So much more than cutting down or trimming trees, an arborist’s job involves the whole health of a tree, including a wide variety of treatments, which require special training to master.

Here’s everything you need to know about being an arborist!

What is an arborist?

Look it up, and you’ll find that the definition of arborist is “tree surgeon,” and that’s not an exaggerated claim. An arborist is a trained individual who knows everything about trees, from their roots to their canopies and everything in between.

Arborists, tree surgeons, or “arboriculturists” practice arboriculture, which includes cultivating, maintaining, managing, and studying trees and related plants, like shrubs and bushes.

An arborist focuses on the total health and well-being of trees, as well as the safety of people walking below, ensuring they aren’t at risk of falling branches.

Arborists are different from those in the forestry fields, as they don’t collect wood for lumber or manage trees on a larger scale, like in forests.

What does a Winnipeg arborist do?

A Winnipeg arborist is generally very busy serving the public from about April to October every year. Trained and certified arborists, like those of us at Kildonan Tree Service, offer a wide variety of services that help keep trees as safe and healthy as possible.

These include:

Tree care isn’t as simple as it might seem. All of these services require specialized training, since trimming at the wrong time of year or using the wrong kind of insecticide could kill a tree that’s provided shade for decades.

Certified Winnipeg arborists have an intimate understanding of the different types of trees in our province, how our climate affects them, and which kinds of treatments and fertilizer work the best when taking all of that into consideration.

How do you become an arborist in Winnipeg?

First things first: You need a great love of the outdoors and of plants and trees. Great arborists are passionate about the work they do and truly enjoy serving their community to keep homeowners and pedestrians safe, while keeping trees happy and thriving.

Most arborists are educated in any of many faculties related to the job, including horticulture, urban forestry, environmental sciences, natural resources, and conservation. They’ll then likely specialize in arboriculture, with the goal of becoming a certified arborist.

Which brings us to one of the most important steps, which is getting certified. Ideally, you’ll want an arborist certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), the globally recognized body that helps to ensure that every arborist has the education and training necessary to keep our trees healthy and safe. In Winnipeg, a certified arborist can also obtain a Manitoba Arborist certification.

Your Winnipeg certified arborist team

At Kildonan Tree Service, we’re passionate about keeping Winnipeg and surrounding area trees vibrant and healthy, through expert trimming, fertilizing, and other treatments. We’re also dedicated to keeping you safe, offering tree removal, stump grinding, and stump removal in and around Winnipeg.

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