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Blog // A Little Off the Top: The Importance of Pruning Your Trees

A Little Off the Top: The Importance of Pruning Your Trees

Just like your regular haircut, trees need to be groomed in order to maintain their health. An unkempt tree, full of dead branches and debris, can actually be somewhat dangerous if left unchecked. For the good of your trees (and potentially your property!), here’s why you should consider pruning service.

Be cautious of the wind

A tree weighed down by dead wood, leaves, and other debris is a dangerous tree in the right conditions. During a windy storm, especially one that includes heavy rain, even small sticks can become dislodged, which can pose a hazard to people and property. It’s best to get a professional to trim your trees in order to remove hazardous branches before they do any damage. Properly pruning, deadwooding, and thinning and crossing or rubbing branches decreases the chance of breakage, since wind is able to pass through more easily.

Don’t wait for a gusty day — dead limbs can fall at any time, endangering passersby on the ground below, as well as powerlines, buildings, and belongings.

Health is in style

By pruning a tree’s branches, you can actually influence the way it grows. It’s great for cosmetic purposes, but it’s even more important for structural integrity. Professional tree trimmers can actually train a tree’s limbs into shapes and configurations that strengthen its overall structure and balance its weight. This helps prevent limb breakage and fortify the tree to withstand high winds and heavy rain sitting on its branches.

When should I prune my trees?

It’s most common for professional arborists to prune when a tree is dormant, which is in the late winter and early spring.

Sometimes, flowering trees are pruned to promote and enhance flowering. For those that bloom in spring, we prune when their flowers fade. For trees that flower in mid- to late summer, we prune in the winter or spring while they’re still dormant.

Summertime pruning is best left for situations where you want to slow a tree’s growth. This should be done after seasonal growth is finished so as not to upset the cycle.

Why do I need a professional to trim my trees?

While you may look at the foliage in your yard and think that taking branch cutters and a chainsaw to your trees is the way to go, a certified professional arborist knows and understands the various tree species and their growth habits, so they can pinpoint the best time of year to prune in order to maximize health benefits and reduce the risk of ruining growth or killing the tree.

Professionals also use specific trimming techniques that minimize damage to your trees. Properly pruned trees will form “calluses” over the cuts in order to seal the wound and prevent decay. Improper cuts can prevent these calluses from forming, which leads to rot at the prune site.

In other words, you need more than a green thumb to keep your trees healthy and happy.

Where do I start?

Give Kildonan Tree Service a call at 204-233-9337 or request a quote online, and our experienced certified arborists will determine the best pruning plan for your trees.

We also provide fertilization and treatment services as part of a well-rounded tree health and maintenance plan.

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